Friday, August 16, 2013

Broken Egg Bistro ~ Suffolk

Emily's little sister (Savannah) is in town tonight, so thought we'd play it safe with what used to be a staple in our restaurant rotation and hit up the Broken Egg Bistro in Suffolk, but this evening our meal was an epic fail.  I want to give them credit that on the majority of our past visits the food and service has been great, please note we did not say all visits, but we're going to focus on this one.  Typically a Friday night at this place is packed but we were seated immediately, and there was no wait when we left this evening.  BE has nightly food and beverage specials, we enjoy Fridays due to the $4 martinis.  After several minutes we were greeted by our server, who did not tell us her name; she took our drink orders and told us about the special, but looked at Emily like she had three heads when asked about the soup of the day.  Someone else delivered the alcohol and our dim witted server delivered Savannah's drink, as we placed our dinner order she again posed a very perplexed facial expression so much so that it became a topic of dinner conversation.  Please note that service is just as important to us as the food itself, and it was seriously lacking this evening. 

We placed our orders.  Savannah ordered the "build your own burger" with tuna (ordered medium), avocado and sprouts on a brioche.  The tuna was bland and dry, no flavor, no burger juiciness,  no nothing, and served with frozen fried onion rings; our server never provided or asked if we've liked condiments either.  I'm going to go off on a tangent here about onion rings.  I understand that some people like the fat, thick onion rings (get your mind out of the gutter) but as a huge fan of the thin, lightly breaded onion ring I feel like a minority.  You can rarely find these, unless you're in my kitchen, so in the next public election I vote to bring back the thin onion rings.  OK I'm done with onion rings, and will get back to our meal.  Emily and I both are trying to lose weight so we attempted to be healthy and both ordered the goat cheese and spinach salad, I ordered a cup of chili to accompany mine and she ordered the spinach artichoke dip as an accompaniment. We'll start with the spinach dip-bland again, tasted store bought from the freezer section at the grocery store, maybe not even that good.  The chili, well you can get better at Wendy's and for cheaper if that's you're thing.  It also came with cheese and onion, which according to the menu was available upon request and I did NOT request. 

Before we go into our rant about the goat cheese salad, I'd like to comment on the beverages.  We both ordered martinis for our first round, come on who can resist a $4 martini.  We ordered different drinks, but both had the same complaint, too strong.  I like my alcohol, but damn, I don't want it to blow me away on the first sip.  Second round, Emily says her pineapple up down cake was better than her first drink.  I ordered the "cherry bomb," but no cherries were present when delivered; our brain dead server did recognize this mistake and returned my drink with a cherry, it was better but nothing special.

THE SALAD:  the epic fail of the evening; please note that if you order this salad it is not what is advertised on the menu.  Let me begin with the one positive of the salad:  the panko crusted goat cheese.  It is delicious, good portion size, cooked well, no complaints.  So the salad on the menu is described as "panko crusted goat cheese with spinach, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and cherry peppers stuffed with prosciutto and provolone dressed in a red wine vinaigrette."  So for the not so positive, consistency seems to be the first visual problem as Emily's salad is thoroughly coated in the vinaigrette, however mine is not.  The salad was also topped with whole garlic cloves, I like garlic, but damn, I don't want a whole clove much less 8 in my salad. 

Our biggest issue with this salad was peppers, they were not what was advertised, i.e. not cherry peppers, which are rated a 0 on the scoville scale.  If you're not familiar with the scoville scale it rates peppers on a scale of 0-1.5 million based on hotness, 0 being the mildest.  The jalapeño is rated around a 2500-10000, depending on the cultivation, just to give you an idea of how this scale is rated.  I enjoy spicy food, but this was even too hot for me who loves a jalapeño pepper.  The prosciutto and provolone stuffing was pretty much pointless considering you couldn't even taste it over the flavor of the pepper.  Emily couldn't even eat it, it was so hot.  When explained to our server that the peppers did not seem to be cherry peppers, she stated that was the standard pepper that they had always used for this dish.  Another employee, who never identified himself as a manager then approached our table and inquired about our meal, we explained our concern about the peppers to him as well and his response was basically the same as our servers, he did agree to take the tuna burger off our bill after our complaint that it was dry. 

Just so you  know, if you have the Foursquare App on your phone and you check in at BE you can get a free mini dessert.  We were so disappointed in our meal that we decided to skip our free dessert.  Overall a poor experience, especially when you consider being charged $2.59 for a glass of lemonade; as a career food service employee a glass of lemonade costs about $.04, quite a profit they're pulling from that one glass, huh?

Although we've had good meals here in the past, we're both now reconsidering whether we'll return to BE in the future. 

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