Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bubba n Franks ~ Carrollton

If you're up for trip to Carrollton and you're a barbeque fan you should definitely stop and Bubba n Franks; oh and you must be hungry.  Right off  Route17 (Bridge Rd) in a mini strip mall, you might miss it when you drive by but you won't regret going inside. 
Right when you walk in you can see the open kitchen and you order directly to the left at a counter, which has had the same lady working every time I've been.  She's a sweet, friendly lady too, which fits the personality of the restaurant; decorated with "country" art, old advertisements, records, and finished concrete floors.  We both ordered the same thing, which was about $10.00 each.  You seat yourself, fix your own drink, and then someone will bring out your food when it's ready. 
On to food.  As you can see from the pictures below there's no such thing as a small portion here.  The salads were fresh, crisp and overflowing out of the bowl.  We loooooovvvveee ranch dressing and theirs is fabulous, that homemade kind.  I had fries which were hand cut, nothing special but a good accompaniment, same deal with the macaroni and cheese that Em had.   The hushpuppies are homemade, light and tasty, but a little greasy.  The pulled pork is moist and flavorful, doesn't even need a sauce, but if you want one, they have two choices in squirt bottles by the drink table.  There's a Carolina style sauce that's your basic vinegar based sauce and a Kansas City sauce that has a kick to it and is tomato based.  It's just good barbeque at a great price, don't have a lot of other words for it. 
Overall rating 8 out of 10.

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